The Chemistry of the Memory [Buenos Aires 2006] Print E-mail

die chemie der erinnerung
la quimica de la memoria
the chemistry of the memory
[buenos aires 2006]


Mariantonia Sanchez, Marga Steinwasser, Horst Hoheisel
Argentinien 2005/2006/2007/…
La quimica de la memoria is an over years open memory process in Argentina, in which everyone can participate. Horst Hoheisel initiated in 2005 this increasing memory process in Buenos Aires. He requested humans from Argentina to bring an object from their personal area of life, which reminded them of the time of the military dictatorship and asked them to note the history of the object on a sheet. The number of the objects and their founders grew slowly. With the time an increasing group of participants met from time to time and discussed inspired by their objects their stories and memories about the time of the military dictatorship. While Horst Hoheisel had activated the project only as catalyst, it was cared for of the sociologist Mariantonia Sanchez. She moved the project forward with gentle y constant energy. The Argentine artist Marga Steinwasser took over the artistic partition. In a first exhibition La quimica de la memoria was shown in the national library in Buenos Aires 2006. It follows the opening in the Museo de la Memoria in Rosario at 24. March 2007. Further stations should be La Plata and Mar de Plata.